Projects and cooperations


Every person leave footprints in his life. Here you can find the traces from a landscape ecologist which spend her life with photograph animals, landscapes and plants. On this blog I report about issues from my life in Sweden:

  • emigration and life in Sweden
  • working as freelancers
  • self-supply on an old farm
  • travel and outdoor
  • distinguish and use plants

I have spezialised on landscape, animal and plant photography which is the biggest part in my life. For my projects I use different programs from Adobe. I design brochures, guides and signs. I am really looking foreward for cooperations that match the issues of this blog.

What we are doing

  • brochure design
  • writing articles for websides and blogs
  • photograph animals, landscapes and plants
  • written documentations about travelling with photos
  • specific articles about flora of Sweden, eatible plants, emmigration and life in Sweden
  • vegetation mapping

Portfolio and contact

You can find some of my pictures on Instagram. If you are interested in a kooperation please don’t hesitate to write a mail to:


Current cooperations

„Fingerprints of change: Abisko plants and phenology“

Projectcoordinator: Climate Impacts Research Centre, Abisko

  • conception of a plant guide with common plants in the Abisko region
  • plant photography

I designed this brochures in cooperation with CIRC:

(1) Brochures for Hiking on Njakajaure-trail (german article):

(2) Brochures for Hiking on Rihtonjira-trail (german article):

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